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Due to the lack of interest for icehockey in Starnberg (the wealthiest district in Germany)  former chairman of the ESC Starnberg, Mark Nirschl founded the Geronimo Stars .

From a witty protest action Markus got the inspiration to travel to exotic countries and play hockey there. With his love for Australia, Bangkok and Singapore and his passion for traveling, and playing hockey, there was no question that this was his calling. After 6 months of organizing and planning the dream became true: a traveling hockey tour through Singapore, Australia and Bangkok!

After all the amazing experiences and funny games (some with more than 2.000 people in attendance) it was clear, the Geronimos must go on!!! Since then the Geronimo Stars have played in over 500 international exotic  ice hockey games all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Spain, Dubai, Singapore, Bangkok, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Latvia, Italy, and the Czech Republic. And of course the travel-happy hockey players are always ready for new and exciting opportunities to travel and play the game they so love. From that time on, Markus Nirschl and his Sport-Travel & More Company organise divers hockey and sport journeys around the world. Moreover, for 7 years Markus Nirschl organizes the famous Oktoberfest Classis  held at top Icearena BLZ at Füssen, sorounded by mountains, lakes, world famous Neuschwanstein Castle and of course the big final party at Munich Oktoberfest for all teams.

Join us on these amazing journeys and become a part of the Geronimo Stars! Take a look through our website and check out our current travel offers.

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By on 7. Oktober 2016

  • Save the date: 13.09.2017 – 17.09.2017
  • The first day of the tournament is serserved for the arrival of the teams and for the first games (5 pm to 10 pm)
  • 17.09.2017: Oktoberfest beerhall from 10 am to 5 pm – please note that you need to reserve in time – price per person: 15 EUR
    Special reservation (own table & vouchers) possible on request
  • 4 days of tournament + 1 day at famous Oktoberfest
  • 3 or 4 divisions with different skill levels and ages
  • Big anniversary with 20 international teams and a great party
  • Tournament fee includes 5-6 games per team, icerink and referees, tournament dinner, VIP-Lounge, pricegiving – and of course: fun & entertainment 🙂

Please note that hotel bookings in advance are absolutely necessary!!!

To book the trip to Oktoberfest Tournament 2017 or to receive further information, contact us with the keyword „Oktoberfest 2017“ – thank you!

Tournament fee: 1,490 EUR per team (min. 10 players plus goalie)
Advanced payment: 500 EUR per team until 1.04.2017 – no refunds!

All payments need to be directed to:
Geronimo Stars – Markus Nirschl
IBAN: DE84 7008 0000 0450 7460 00



Leningrad Cup St. Petersburg 2017

By on 18. November 2016

Program: Date: 5./6.04.2017 until 9.04.2017 4 stars hotel, transfers 14-18 teams a great tournament organized by Max Amhel – it’s gonna be a lot of fun and great ice hockey! Price: up from 600 EUR (depending on flight prices) To

Perth Tournament 2017

By on 25. April 2016

Program: Date: 28.02.2017 until 17.03.2017 Munich to Bangkok – flight date: 28.02.2017 4./5.03.2017 – Perth-Dubai (1 Night) 3 nights in Bangkok 4,5 stars hotel, sightseeing, game against select Thai Team Sydney: 3-4 days stay at a motel, transfers, games fligt


By on 10. Februar 2016

Himalaya Tournament 2017 Join this amazing ice hockey journey to Himalaya! The great adventure takes place in Leh-Ladakh in January 2017 – on „the Top of the World“ in amazing 3,550 m height. Playing hockey at this altitude is a

Bangkok Tournament 2017

By on 10. Februar 2016

Program: Date: tba 3 Nights, flights, game, sightseeing 5 star hotel all incl.  Sydney 3 nights, hotel Sydney-Perth WA: 9-10days, accomondation, rental car, games & a lot of sights plus kids camp!!   Price all inclusive: 3,800 EUR To book